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Delivering Cleaner Air with Every Gallon


Dyer Energy's Breathe Easy™ fuel blend uses an ultra low sulfur fuel coupled with an exclusive advanced additive technology. This unique blend will help your boiler or furnace run cleaner, smoother, and longer. All Dyer Energy customers who request Breathe Easy™ will recieve these benefits and better fuel economy with every gallon purchased!

Advancement in fuel additive technology and low sulfur refining have been two technological advances which have been a bit under-the-radar-screen. Not very long ago there was little or no difference from supplier to supplier regarding the quality or ancillary benefits of the fuel. Recently, aided by advances in computer modeling and testing, combustion chemistry has taken a step forward in terms of improving the performance of fuel oil.

These advances can have multiple benefits for the consumer. When ultra-low sulfur fuel is conditioned with new additive technology, common heating fuel can be transformed into a new and multi-faceted product with benefits beyond heat and hot water. These benefits include better combustion, which results in a cleaner and more efficient operating system. Ultra-low sulfur fuel coupled with additive technology can also virtually eliminate oxidation.

  • Cleaner burning fuels
  • Cleaner air
  • Helps keep your heating system running more effecieintly, saving you money
  • Better for your home and our enviroment
  • Can save you as much as 50 gallons of fuel each year
  • Cleaner burning fuel for your system
  • Eleminated soot build-up on heat exchangers
  • Less sludge build-up
  • Virtually eliminated oxidation
  • Helps slow degredation to expensive parts
  • Runs more effeciently, requiring less maintenance


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